Solidariedade para com o Povo Grego em relação aos incêndios 


The "Friends of ICOR in Portugal" are in solidarity with the Greek people who, in the last few days, have suffered much with the fires.

Last year, Portugal had a similar situation, and we believe that the origin of the fires in Greece is the same as the fires in Portugal: The so-called climate changes are symptoms of an environmental crisis which is in the process of transforming at an accelerated pace into a global environmental catastrophe. In particular we have in Portugal lack of forest planning and, above all, the destruction of native forest and the predominance of eucalyptus for the benefit of the pulp industry capitalists.

Thus, the greek government must be blamed for the tragedy that is currently happening.

In solidarity with the greek people!

"Friends of ICOR in Portugal"

Alfredo Dinis Gonçalves